Supersede Group – South Florida Event And Marketing Production – HOME 2017-05-03T18:48:56+00:00



Royalty One Mortgage | Web Design 2017-05-03T00:01:56+00:00
High Point Solution | Web Design 2017-05-03T18:13:12+00:00
Rich Group x Puma Event | Event Production 2017-04-23T18:57:20+00:00
Reinberg Johnson Wedding | Event Production & Lighting 2017-05-03T14:47:30+00:00
Children’s Opportunity Group Luncheon | Event Production 2017-04-23T17:49:37+00:00
Florida Atlantic University OwlThon 2017 | Event Production 2017-04-23T17:25:07+00:00
Danny Kahn for Mayor of Miami Beach | Logo Design 2017-04-23T13:18:12+00:00
Miami Dolphins Swim Into New Era Of Entertainment At Hard Rock Stadium 2017-04-22T23:22:07+00:00
Hard Rock Stadium | Taste Of The NFL Event Production 2017-04-22T23:26:06+00:00
Camp No Counselors & Supersede: Miami Dolphins DJ 2017-04-22T23:28:19+00:00
Boca Resort Beach Club | Private Event Production & Entertainment 2017-04-22T23:30:44+00:00
Simon Malls | Sawgrass Mills Garage Grand Opening | Event Production & Vinyl Installation 2017-04-22T23:42:15+00:00
HBO Event Pillows | Custom Pillows 2017-04-22T23:44:59+00:00
DUSSE Cognac Leather Pillows Debossed w/ Gold Decoration 2017-04-22T23:50:57+00:00
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