Top 5 Essential Tips For a Successful Seasonal Campaign

The holidays are around the corner which means it is almost time for businesses to roll out their annual campaigns. Knowing how to reach your audience through the proper channels can make a big difference in growing your sales. The Supersede Group: Powered By Proforma Albrecht has compiled a list of the top five tips to contribute to making your holiday campaign a success this season.

Top 5 Essential Tips For a Successful Seasonal Campaign

1. Create a Personalized and Easy to Share Campaign

One of the most efficient ways to begin your holiday campaign is to start out with a simple plan. You want to ensure that the campaign is personalized to your particular product and easy for your audience to comprehend.  In short, this means start simple such as the WeWork: #wwgiftguide.  This campaign was geared towards the working professional who needed to find natural gifts that could be used for families or even parties in some cases.  The company known for its shared workspace focus added a
personalized touch when it had members from each of their office contribute the gift

2. Reach Out To Your Subscribers Through Email Marketing

The period of mid-October to January is considered a big shopping time, as consumers are gearing up for the holiday season. In a study performed by Yesmail, consumers were shown to read emails that they were sent by their favorite businesses.
Just because there is potential for clients to read your material doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an easy task.  Being creative and using catchy subject lines that promote the sale or campaign has a better chance in ensuring that your audience will see your material versus those you stick to simplicity. An example of an active line could be:
“New Year Savings to Renew You!”

3. Make Sure to Draw on Emotion

The holiday time is centered on being with the ones you love most while also taking the time to appreciate what matters. Coca-Cola Canada is currently running a digital
campaign where two people are shown fighting over a jacket yet can put aside their difference for the peace and joy of a Coca-Cola. This campaign gave the perfect example of showcasing emotion while using their product as a resolution.

4. Make sure to remain neutral and stick with “Season’s Greetings during the holiday time.”

Instead of picking one particular religion’s holiday, greet your audience with “Season’s Greetings.” This special welcome also opens the possibility to access potential customers that may not have otherwise been found with a direct religion
targeting such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah.”

5. Plan Early.

One of the number one tips from top marketers and CEOs is to plan early. When the holiday season arrives, your primary focus should be boosting sales for your products or
service. By planning, you will be able to test out the necessary strategies such as emails, text messages, or original graphics.