Supersede Group Portfolio 2016-11-22T19:13:13+00:00


Royalty One Mortgage | Web Design 2017-05-03T00:01:56+00:00
High Point Solution | Web Design 2017-05-03T18:13:12+00:00
Reinberg Johnson Wedding | Event Production & Lighting 2017-05-03T14:47:30+00:00
Hard Rock Stadium | Taste Of The NFL Event Production 2017-04-22T23:26:06+00:00
Camp No Counselors & Supersede: Miami Dolphins DJ 2017-04-22T23:28:19+00:00
Boca Resort Beach Club | Private Event Production & Entertainment 2017-04-22T23:30:44+00:00
Simon Malls | Sawgrass Mills Garage Grand Opening | Event Production & Vinyl Installation 2017-04-22T23:42:15+00:00
HBO Event Pillows | Custom Pillows 2017-04-22T23:44:59+00:00
DUSSE Cognac Leather Pillows Debossed w/ Gold Decoration 2017-04-22T23:50:57+00:00
Proforma Media Solutions Overview Video 2016-10-22T12:26:29+00:00
Screen Printed Matte Black Metal Pint Glass 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Marie Saint Pierre | Wynwood Gallery Opening Art Basel 2015 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Canna Tea USA | Microfiber Smart Phone Cleaner 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Southern Wine & Spirits | Custom Cycling Jerseys 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Equity Realty Group | Aerial Event Videography 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Bass Pro Shops Tampa | Grand Opening Recap Video 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Platinum1 Funding | WordPress E-Signature Responsive Web Design 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Law Office of Aaron A Karger | Responsive Web Design 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Doorstep Delivery Fort Lauderdale | Custom Embroidery & Digitization | Stretch Poplin Blouse 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Ponies 4 Parties | Responsive Web Design SEO 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Platinum 1 Funding | Logo Package 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Black Pearl Tire Shine | Retail Packaging 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Caulfield & Wheeler | Charity Donation Neoprene Koozies 2016-10-22T12:26:36+00:00
Autumn Brooks X Supersede Group | MIA Collaboration 2015-08-23T22:03:51+00:00
CannaTea | American Apparel Screen Printing T-Shirts 2015-08-24T01:09:08+00:00
Custom Gifts | Monogramed Backpack Chair Stools 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
2R Productions | Announcement Design & Printing Services 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Maxim Miami Swim Week Fashion Show 2015 | SLS Hotel 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
The City Of Miami T-Shirt| Supersede Group 2015-08-23T22:10:36+00:00
Borchard Wedding | Miami Wedding Packages 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Castro Wedding | Miami Wedding DJ Packages 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Family Ties Jewelry | Website Design 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Kyle Schindler Art | Website Design 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Supersede Group | Interactive Artist Page Concept 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Morgans Hotel Group | Shore Club Amenity Cards 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Supersede Group | Team Artist Snapback Hat 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Anheuser Busch | Oculto Manor B-Roll Package 2015-08-24T01:37:37+00:00
The Foodie Teacher | Logo Concept Design 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Red Monkey | Logo Concept Design 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
JEY Himmarshee Public House | Tickets 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Delray Beach Center For The Arts | Coasters Flyers & Business Cards 2016-10-22T12:26:37+00:00
Supersede Group | Nightclub Party Recap Video Production 2015-08-24T02:31:24+00:00