Six WordPress Plugins to Help Optimize Your Website

Staying ahead of the current trends can be a hard task at times. When it comes to maintaining your website, knowledge of what to use is imperative for optimization. Utilizing services like WordPress not only provides an easy way to create and manage your website but, also allows you to integrate custom WordPress plugins. Here is a list of six WordPress plugins to help optimize your website:

Wordpress Plugins

1. Social Warfare

Social Warfare allows your customer to easily share and post their content to their social platform by using visual buttons. Another key feature allows users to upload images catered directly to Pinterest. The pinning social service has been said to help drive traffic when customers are researching materials.

2.   Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides  powerful and detailed insights to help improve any business.  You will be to distinguish how well your audience adapts to your website through statistical measures of sales and conversions. Not only will you be able to view information from your website but also ads, videos, social media, devices, and more.

4.  Quick and Easy FAQs

Providing FAQs can help to answer questions that may arise while on your site.  Listed on the WordPress as one of the top plugins, Quick and Easy FAQs provides a quick way to add FAQ using post and later displaying using shortcodes. The FAQS can be viewed in a simple list, toggle, or filtered style. 

5.  CSS Hero

While there are multiple pre-made themes through the WordPress site, CSS Hero allows you to easily customize any aspect of your theme.  With the Easy Point and Click Interface, you will be able to make simple adjustments to your site. Making live customization changes allows you to personally brand your website with colors and fonts. You will also be able to enhance your theme with CSS features.

6. Google Apps

Having access to documents, spreadsheets, and emails can be a major key in helping employees get things done while collaborating more quickly and efficiently. Google Apps provides all of the in-house software programs that make deploying and maintaining hassle free.  You will also be able to use your company’s name as your domain name.

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