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When someone is looking for a product or service, they want the best they can find. Businesses with strong reputations have the highest influence on a consumer’s decision. Online, the higher a business’s influence, the higher it’s trust. More trust equals higher rankings in search results. Higher search result rankings guarantee that you will be more visible to those searching for products and services your business offers and this means more traffic to your site and more conversions.

A business’s influence is probably the most important factor it can have. Building influence is accomplished by engaging in several online activities including publishing articles about a business’s area of specialty on its website and pushing content out through social media. The more valuable this content, the more others will link to it and share it. The challenge is the ability for a business to invest the massive amount of time required to do this effectively.

When it comes to content marketing, your business needs just one tool that can push content to your website and social platforms automatically and intelligently. The tool is Gotcha!Stream™, and it’s smart enough to look after your content, make it relate to your business, show results through analytics, and drive consumers to your content, offerings, and sales.








Gotcha!Stream™ Features:

1. Identifies writers by topic. Virtually any topic, from science, health, fitness, medical, environmental, construction, manufacturing, technology and much, much more!

2. Influencer Power Score – Our algorithm rates the creators of topic-driven content with an Influencer Power Score enabling you to connect with those who will make an impact.

3. Customization – Creates your custom stream

4. Up to 1,500 monthly pushes out to your stream!
• 600 article excerpts
• 90 LinkedIn posts
• 150 Google+ posts
• 150 Facebook posts
• 600 Tweets

5. Capture leads using gotcha!Stream™ from your website – Gotcha!Stream™ comes with a form for your website allowing visitors to sign up for your customized weekly newsletter filled with content from your GotchaStream.


6. Weekly newsletter sent to your list – GotchaStream creates a weekly newsletter that goes out to email addresses you add and to those captured from the sign-up form for your website.

7. Add your own original content – Add and schedule your original articles and social posts through your gotcha!Stream easy-to-use dashboard.

8. Provides Analytics – View and analyze GotchaStream analytics. They provide important metrics such as clicks to your content page, articles, and deep social platform metrics.

9. Business audit and GotchaStream setup – Setup of GotchaStream includes an audit and analysis of your company’s presence online, recommendations for improvement, and full set up of your GotchaStream system

10. Installation of gotcha!Stream to your site – Our professional team will take care of installing GotchaStream onto your site. Sit back and relax while we set everything up.

11. Create 100 valuable backlinks – We will create 100 valuable backlinks, every month, to your stream content helping you show up and rank higher in a search. ($1,000 value).

Find. Curate. Share.

for only $750/month

Do you want to carve out a strong and consistent brand identity online? GotchaStream is the solution to drive traffic and increase leads!